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The best laptop with an i5 processor in 2021 will depend on many factors. You should consider the cost, weight, screen size and more before making a purchase. We have created this list of best laptops with i5 processors to help you find your best choice for your needs!

We have compiled a list of best laptops with i5 processors in 2021 based on their price range, weight, screen size and more. These are some of the best options that are currently available in stores near you!

Top 15  best laptop with i5 processor in 2022 with detailed analysis:

The highest Core i5 laptops must have a recently constructed Intel Core i5 processor. Other features to look for include plenty of dedicated memory, a large and fast storage device, and a stunning Full HD display.

Acer Aspire 5 Laptop with i5 Processor:

Acer Aspire E 15 is a best laptop with i-series processor. It features an Intel Core i-processor which makes it best for gaming, studying and working on your business projects. The battery life of this best laptop lasts up to 12 hours as per the reviews by its users. This best laptop offers all those facilities at reasonable rates so that everyone can afford it easily without any hesitation or doubt about quality.

You will be able to explore new worlds of learning from anywhere with this best portable companion machine because you have long lasting battery backup available always within no time when needed! If we talk about connectivity options then there are multiple USB ports, HDMI port and SD card slot present in Acer Aspire E15 – Best Laptop With i-Series Processor.

This best laptop with i-series processor is an amazing piece of technological achievement in the field of computing industry made possible by Acer Company which contributes best in every way to make it the best choice for you!


Solid-state drive with a capacity of at least 250GB, but it’s okay if the storage is smaller.

Intel Core i5 processor with a speed of up to 3.5GHz

This particular model includes 8GB of DDR4 RAM (expandable to 64GB), which is plenty for most users.


Battery life isn’t great.

The decibel level of the speakers may be higher.

Touch-sensitivity is not provided by the display.

Asus VivoBook S14 Laptop with i5 Processor:

The VivoBook S14 is a fully equipped laptop with a beautiful 14-inch Full HD display that was created from the ground up to allow for an expanded viewing angle while in use. The light and thin design, as well as the big and quick 512GB solid-state drive, which has plenty of space for plenty of media files and personal documents, we appreciated.

The graphics card, memory, storage space, and battery life are all excellent. However, the battery life is only around five hours when using it continuously for a week. In addition, the integrated stereo speakers are weak, so you may want to connect the laptop to an external speaker system. Consider the best business laptop with four built-in audio speakers when comparing this computer to the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme.


Extremely wide viewing angle

512GB SSD and 8GB of RAM 

Thin and light design


On one side of the device, the battery is less powerful.

The sound quality is not up to the mark.

Dell G15 Laptop with i5 Processor:

The Dell G15 is a fantastic gaming laptop, thanks to its tenth generation Intel Core i5-1035g1 quad-core processor and 8GB of DDR4 RAM. This laptop also includes the legendary NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, which has its own 6GB of GDDR6 RAM memory for further graphical enhancements and is generally regarded as superior to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. We liked that this laptop works well with modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols, including Wi-Fi 6.

The battery life on this laptop is rather modest, lasting only three to four hours before requiring a charge. This i5 laptop does come with a solid-state drive, however it’s just 256GB in size. A superior alternative here would be the best computer with an i7 processor and a big and quick 512GB solid-state drive.


Intel Core i5 is the 10th-generation quad-core processor.

GeForce NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card

It’s a Windows computer with an i5 CPU and 8GB of DDR4 RAM.


On the other hand, if you want to go even bigger, consider adding an extra 128GB on the 256GB SSD.

Short battery life.

Reason to buy:

For fans of stunning FHD displays and wide viewing angles, this laptop offers both in addition to a robust feature set that includes a spacious 512GB SSD.

HP Pavilion Laptop with i5 Processor:

The HP Pavilion is a fantastic laptop with features that rival almost any other i5 device on the market, including a powerful tenth-generation Intel Core i5 CPU, 16GB of dedicated RAM, and 512GB of solid-state storage. The inclusion of the iconic NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti graphics card, which comes with its own 6GB of dedicated graphics memory, was particularly welcome. The backlit keyboard is also a nice feature since it allows for usage in low-light or dimly lit areas.

The high-end features on this laptop do come at a price, as it is a costly i5 computer. The 16” display is appreciated, but the weight of this laptop rises to almost six pounds as a result. Alternatively, consider buying the best laptop for students with a light design and black matte finish weighing only three pounds.

Reason to buy:

This is a premium laptop with a slew of high-end features, including the NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti graphics card, a tenth generation Intel Core processor, and 16GB of dedicated RAM.

Lenovo IdeaPad 5i Pro i5 Gaming Laptop:

The Ideapad 720s is a great laptop for students who need a reasonable price and yet enough features to run the most demanding classes. It has an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and 256GB of solid-state storage at a budget-friendly price. For added security, this laptop includes a

Although the display is Full HD, it is only 14 inches wide and not touch-sensitive. This laptop does not include an optical drive, if you were hoping to play your DVD or CD collections on it. As a result, you could want to invest in a laptop with an optical drive and a decent integrated battery that may last more than 15 hours.

Reason to buy:

The best laptop with core i5 processor should be able to provide you all the benefits that an Intel Core Processor can offer.

MacBook Air:

However, I own an Old MacBook Air with a Core i5 CPU and a non-retina display. I can tell you that if the Air I have is old but still lightning quick and blowing past my 8th generation Core i5 windows laptop for just about any application that doesn’t require the use of a dedicated GPU (gaming, video editing

It’s quick because it has a Core i5 CPU. The newest and most recent model with an M1 chip, which significantly outperforms Ryzen and Intel CPUs, is still faster than other ultrabooks equipped with the same hardware owing to:

  1. The SSD is propiety of Apple, and it isn’t really called anything because the technology is proprietary to them. It’s faster than the quickest SSD: PCIe NVMe windows laptops provide.
  2. The operating system: Apple’s iOS is far superior to Windows 10, even if the company hired more competent developers. It’s because it’s simpler to create an OS that is tailored for specific hardware, which doesn’t vary much across models (they have like what? 3 or 4 MacBooks?).).

The only disadvantage of the Air, which was its high-definition display, has been addressed with subsequent versions, which now feature a retina display. The viewing angles have also been improved.

It’s a stunning, perfect machine today. From the voice system to the keyboard and trackpad, and even battery life (which is longer than any ultrabooks except ChromeBooks and the Old MacBook Air with a lower resolution), there isn’t anything wrong with it. The new model has a power-saving mode that can save around 30% of the overall energy consumption. This means it should last approximately 10-11 hours rather than the 13 hours offered by its predecessors. Yes, low brightness levels were used to calculate battery life time, but consider how much more sensitive the retina display is (there’s a significant boost. 

It’s even more streamlined, smaller, and fits in a thinner case this time around. Even more portable than last time. You’ll also get a touch ID, and like the iPhone 6s it will identify your fingerprint in a fraction of a second. There’s stil one huge drawback.

HUAWEI MateBook D 14-inch Laptop:

The Huawei MateBook D14 is the slimmest and lightest of all the 14-inch laptops on our list, despite its higher price. It does not, however, make it less expensive. In fact, it costs the same as the larger MateBook D15. It does have an edge over its bigger brother in that the battery lasts The 12-inch MacBook is powered by the same processor, memory, and storage as the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The slimline style chassis in space grey is used by both machines. In fact, it resembles the MacBook Pro considerably save for the somewhat wider top and side bezels owing to the web camera being positioned on the keyboard.

Dell Inspiron 3000 17-Inch Intel i5 Processor Laptop:

Have you ever wanted to have a larger portable laptop for improved performance? If that’s the case, the Dell Inspiron 17 with a huge 17.3-inch display will not disappoint you in any way. It’s powered by a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor that can be overclocked up to 3.6 GHz. An 8GB

The Dell Inspiron 3000has an anti-glare screen that reduces eye strain when using the laptop for lengthy periods of time. The laptop has all of the required connections, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an HDMI port, and USB ports.This 17-inch sized laptop is quite heavy and weighs 6.1 pounds.

It is necessary to be portable in order to adjust the size and weight of this laptop before purchasing it. The laptop, on the other hand, stands out as an excellent all-around performer and comes with a 3-cell 42 Wh Lithium-Ion battery that lasts up to 5 hours on a single charge.

Apple MacBook Pro:

When it comes to productivity and long-lasting battery life, no other laptop brands have come even close to matching Apple’s MacBook range. It has an all-aluminum casing with a smooth metal finish. The laptop has a premium look and is slightly thinner and lighter than the previous-generation MacBook Pro, at 0.61 inches and 3.1

The new MacBook Pro is already preinstalled with macOS Catalina and includes a number of useful applications. It has an 8th Gen Intel Core i5 quad-core processor with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD. It’s a good illustration of that

While the laptop isn’t as powerful as other models on this list, it is far more durable than most laptops with an i5 CPU when it comes to productivity. When it comes to productivity, the new MacBook Pro has a new touch bar and touch id keyboard, as well as a smooth big trackpad.

It’s a bit pricey, though. The base model costs $1299 and comes with rather basic features. Although it can be equipped with the most recent 10th Gen Intel CPU with up to 32GB RAM and 4TB SSD storage, those enhancements add up considerably to the cost.

MSI GF65 Thin 9SEXR:

The RTX 2060RTX is the most powerful graphics card yet, offering double the performance of its predecessors for just $10 more. This is the first time you’ve seen a laptop with an Intel quad-core CPU at this price range. The processor, RAM, storage are all okay, but it’s the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU that


When playing any high-end 3D game at medium settings, you will see about a 20fps boost, and around +30fps in openworld MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, PUGG compared to a 1650GTX. You’ll be hitting three-digit fps numbers on both with less hardware demanding games enabled on High/Ultra


There’s no need for more CUDA cores or 2GB vRAM on a 2060RTX for picture editing. However, video editing will see a significant time savings when rendering and exporting videos. This is the first GPU we suggest for intensive video editing.

3D Modeling:

There’s a significant difference between the 2060RTX and a 1650GTX. If you’re an animator or a serious CAD engineer, this GPU is definitely worth considering if you want your laptop to be your work phone. You’ll save money if you choose a 1650GTX/1050GTX or MX350 in the worst.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX325JA-AB51:

The Asus Zenbook 13 is an ultra-light, compact, and sleek notebook with a powerful and newest 10th Gen Intel Core processors. The laptop comes with an anti-glare display with small bezels and has a long battery life. To be conclusive, the ASUS Zenbook 13 is one of the best budget 13-inch ultrabooks for those who are looking for a Windows laptop with a similar look and feel of Apple’s MacBook Air.

The keyboard on the ZenBook 13, unlike that on the Macbook, is excellent. It’s a backlit keyboard with well-spaced and deep traveling keys, as well as a very responsive touchpad that doubles as a numpad. This laptop includes an infrared camera for facial recognition mounted above the webcam for security, which works nicely with The ZenBook 13’s display has excellent brightness, contrast, and viewing angles that the user may enjoy thanks to the bright Full HD screen.

It can also be utilized in well-lit rooms and even outside since it is matte and quite bright. The ZenBook 13 comes with a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor (3.6 GHz) and 256GB of SSD storage. With 256GB of SSD storage, the storage department is also well-controlled. The performance of the ZenBook 13 compares favorably to that of the XPS 13, as both have nearly identical specifications. It can

1 USB Type-A, 2 USB Type-C Thunderbolt, an HDMI port, and a micro SD card slot complement the slim and narrow profile of this laptop. This laptop is one of the best laptops for photo editing in our list of the top laptops for photo editing due to its light weight and powerful i5 CPU.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3:

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is a beautiful 13-inch ultrabook with the finest of Windows computing. A sleek, all-metal body in a hidden matte black or gleaming platinum silver finish is available, or you may get creative with its soft Alcantara finishes. The Surface Laptop 3 features an Intel Core i5 processor with integrated graphics, along with a 13.50-inch diagonal PixelSense display with sharp resolution and vivid colors for ideal photo viewing or video streaming.

What is best about the Microsoft Surface Laptop is that it now offers an expanded color palette with classic black, platinum silver, burgundy and cobalt blue options to choose from.

It has a beautiful screen, which is one of the best on laptops right now. The PixelSense touchscreen display on this laptop has excellent viewing angles and is also bright and colorful. It also contains all of the features you would expect from an ultrabook in 2020, including a backlit keyboard, precise and smooth touchpad, as well as all-day battery life. The best thing about the Microsoft Surface Laptop is that it delivers all of this performance in a package that’s thinner, lighter and smaller than most laptops with similar specifications.

The total package weighs less than 3 pounds, making it one of our favorite affordable Intel Core i5 ultrabooks right now. Furthermore, it is on sale now, so I believe there can be no better i5 laptop bargain for the ultrabook seekers. It’s ideal for students, business people, or anybody who wants a power-packed.

Buyer,s Guide:

To help us narrow down our search for the best laptops with an Intel i5 core processor, we conducted a comprehensive study of all of the top computers with such a processor. As a result, we chose computers with recently manufactured i5 cores, eighth-generation and above, since these are generally the most efficient and quick.

RAM, for multitasking and storage, were two elements that we paid close attention to. When it came to storage, we favored laptops with quick solid-state drives but offered those with older HDD storage if they were on the larger side (1TB and above.)

We preferred big and full HD displays, giving bonus points for touch-sensitive ones that allowed for some tablet-like functionality and access to touchscreen games and applications. Finally, we appreciated computers with a variety of ports and connectivity choices, such as HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, ethernet, and others.

The Most Important Features to Consider:


Not all i5 chips are created equal. Look for a CPU that has been developed and manufactured in the last few years, with eighth-generation or above as a good place to start. When it comes to additional features, search for a laptop with plenty of dedicated RAM for multitasking and those with large storage drives that come with SSDs.


When buying a laptop with an i5 processor, the display is, of course, critical. Look for a high-definition screen with an ultra-wide viewing angle and at least Full HD resolution. Choose a touch-enabled display, also known as convertible laptops, if you want to use tablet apps and games on it.

Additional Features:

Battery life is one of the more significant characteristics to search for. Make certain that your laptop has a long-lasting battery that can last all day before needing to be charged. Fingerprint readers, for security, and backlit keyboards, for nighttime usage or in poorly illuminated parts of the house, are among the other features to look for. Finally, consider a laptop with multiple ports and connectivity choices, such as HDMI, USB Type-C, USB Type-A.

Lets Sum Up:

If we compare the Intel Core i5 U line with the Core i5 U processors, they will appear to be nearly identical. Small battery life improvement but similar performance as Intel’s Core i7 U chips.

Provided that your program (particularly gaming) does not rely heavily on “hyper-threading,” the Core i5 H series will more than likely perform similarly to a Core i7 H processor.

Despite the fact that the best i5 laptop is not only about the processor, as long as you can overclock the graphics card, storage, and RAM to near-match comparable models with higher-end core processors or even Core i7 CPUs, you’ll get around the same 3D Games & 3D Applications and other demanding apps performance.

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