How much does a new laptop keyboard cost?


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How much does a new laptop keyboard cost?

Is your laptop keyboard not working anymore? Or are you struggling with working on your old keyboard? Do you want to buy a new one? Did you want to know about the cost of a laptop keyboard? If you want to change your keyboard of your laptop. But curies about the cost. We are here to help you. All your questions about keyboards and it’s costs will be answered there. You are at the best site for knowing about all your queries. We work hard as a team to gather all authentic information for you.

New, laptop keyboard cost:

When it’s come to keyboards The most important thing is the keys. The size of the keys helps a lot in typing. The bigger the keys mean easier typing and develop good gamming skills. But also it depends on your laptop size and space.
When it’s come to the new laptop keyboard cost it depends on the type and model of your laptop. There are different types of keyboards. Every laptop have different type of keyboard according to it’s type and size. And different keyboards have charges differently according to it’s model, material and design. In this article, you will know the cost of different keyboards for your laptop.

Different types of keyboards:

If you are a daily laptop user, you will know about the types of keyboards. There are few primary types.
1. Membrane style
2. Mechanical
3. Traditional style
4. Chiclet style ( island style )

Membrane style:

Membrane keyboards are very popular now a days. Due to it’s low cost. These keyboards come with flat surface cover with rubber dom. Which feel very soft and quiet. Mostly membrane surfaces come with water and dust resistance.
It’s not good choice for gammier because they mostly prefer mechanical keyboards. But if you want keyboard with no sound and light touches feel it’s a good choice for you.
The membrane style new laptop keyboards cost are the most reasonable and under budget. It start from 1000 up to 12000. These rates are very low as compared to mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical keyboard:

Most laptops come with a membrane keyboard because of little space but if you have not found of membrane keyboard then mechanical is best for you.
A Mechanical is a type of keyboard which have an individual switch for every key with a separate spring. It has a special type of mechanism for working. It’s also a little louder than the other. Their key produced a clicky sound and goes all the way up and down.
There is also different type of key with different colours and sound. You can also replace the key if it broke without replacing the whole keyboard. And you can also customise the keys for yourself.

Mechanical keyboards are a little more expensive rather than others. But still, most people refer to this. It also lasts more than other keyboards. Mostly game lovers and programmers love mechanical keyboards. Because it gives the best feedback.
Not everyone likes it because of its loud sound and high prices But if you want to improve your keyboard skills. You should, buy this. In Pakistan, the mechanical new laptop keyboard prices start from 5000 and go up to, 12000. Depend on your budget and working type.

Traditional style laptop:

Traditional styles of laptops have keys style close to one another with slightly slopping on the edge. You can also change or replace the keys due to its amazing replaceable tray. These types of laptops are best those who are mostly doing typing. Because typing on these style of keyboards are the most easy. It’s prices are also reasonable. Slightly different from the brand’s name. Starting from 4000 and goes up according to depend and choices.

Chiclet style keyboard:

The chiclet name come from a chewing gum company. It’s keys look like square chewing gum with rounded corners. Its keys are mostly made from plastic or rubber. keyboards also describe the low profile of this type of keyboard.
These keyboards are just the evolution in membrane keyboards. But have enough space between keys. It’s good for those who are working in silence. If you are working in office where noise is not allowed it’s best option for you. There is no sound of typing when you work on chiclet keyboard.
But if you are gammier it will not be a good choice for you due to its rubber dom. Which will not feel good during game. Chiclet new laptop keyboard prices are also love just started from 1200 and goes up.

Different types of laptops:

When you are buying a keyboard you must first know about the type of laptop you are using. Every laptop need different type of keyboard.
There are so many of laptops in market now a days. Few are mansion below.


A chrome book is a type of laptop which is design by google that why it’s also called google Chromebook. It’s come with tactile keyboard which are good for normal use. But if you have to work for longer hours mechanical keyboards are best for you to attached with your chrome book.

Gamming laptop:

It’s just like other laptops with some advanced features for gamers. These laptop can plays those games also which a normal laptop can’t.
As we discuss already that if you are game lover you should try mechanical keyboard. It’s works best for gamers.


Notebooks are most cheapest form of a laptop. It’s prices are low and affordable. But also work slow with less storage. If you have notebook and want to know about the cost of the keyboard it’s depend on the brand which you have. Mostly start from 2000 up to your demand and choice.


It’s a type of laptop with low weight and smaller size. Some features of a normal laptop are cut down in an ultraportable laptop. If you have an ultraportable laptop and using it just for movies or a little bet the normal membrane keyboard is Ok. Because it has low cost on your pocket.

Convertible laptop:

It’s a laptop comes tablet. You can use it both ways. You can carry it any where with you. But if you are normal keyboard users you will definitely need a extra keyboard for typing and gamming. So you can choose according to your need. If you like work in silence, membrane keyboard is best with low cost. But if you like the clicky sound of keyboard you should go for mechanical keyboard but it will be little heavy on you pocket.


In this article you will not just find the cost of a new laptop keyboard but also know about the different style of keyboard according to your need and budget. And you are now able to choose best keyboard for your laptop under your budget. You can choose from any of these.
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