How to access a laptop camera remotely?


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In this advanced era of technology, nothing is impossible. And access to your laptop camera remotely is also not a big deal now.
You are away from home and want to keep an eye on your home? Do you need any important documents from your home laptop at work? So All of these are now very easy. In this article, you will know about the different ways to access your laptop camera remotely.
There are many apps and software for this purpose. We are discussing a few of them for you in this article.

VNC ( Virtual Network Computing ):

Just as the name. it’s virtually sharing screen system developed by Microsoft. It works amazingly for those who want access to different computers from different areas of the world. You can’t just only watch the screen but you can also control the keyboard and mouse from distance across the world.
It has a different working style. It works on the Client/Server model. Mean client and server have different work. You will install the Server component on a laptop or computer which you want to control from outside. And install the Client component on a laptop, computer or cell phone from which you to control the desired device.
It’s an amazing and the most popular screen-sharing system. Which will use all over the world. Most of the companies also used this.

RDP ( Remote Desktop Protocol ):

The Remote Desktop Protocol is another software for screen sharing or accessing laptops and PC from other places. It just like a VNC another Remote Desktop software. It was created by Microsoft. It works for almost all windows.
It’s working style is just like VNC with slightly differences. There is also RDP client software and RDP server software. Once you connected your desired devices you are able to access all apps and data on server device. It feels like just working on the same laptop or PC.
It will help you a lot if you are traveling and want to connect with your home computer or want to work from home and want to connect with your working computer. Most easy way to work from any where in the world without any tension.
And good thing is not just for one or two devices, you can connected to lots of computer and laptops at a same time.


TeamViewer is another software to access your laptop camera remotely. It’s come in market in 2005. It’s worked on mostly all type of windows, laptops and cell phones. TeamViewer is free of cost if you are using it for none commercial purposes. Just install this software on your desire devices and you are able to access you device from anywhere in the world without wasting time. You can find issues on endpoint laptops or PC from anywhere. Are just check your favourite videos from your home computer far from home.

Chrome app:

Are It’s an amazing App for accessing your laptop camera remotely from anywhere. It’s the best App Android and also for laptops.
Just go to the web chrome store and download the Chrome Remote desktop. Open the app and you should provide a pin for it. Remember this pin and download the same app on your other laptop or Android phone and put the same pin in it.
Now you can access your laptop from anywhere in the world remotely. This App is safe and secure. This is the easiest way to access your files and the camera on your laptop.

Connect bot:

It’s another software you can use for accessing your laptop camera from anywhere. Mostly this software is used by experts for accessing different laptops from different areas. You can download this software on both laptops and cell phones. It can access not just your laptop camera but many other files also.

Splash top:

It’s a desktop App. Which can work both on laptop and Android. Just install this App on your laptop and remember the password. Then install the same App on your Android and open with the same password. Your laptop screen will be automatically appeared on your cell phone.
Now you can access to your laptop camera remotely. If you want to access your laptop from another area or country you will “ anywhere access pack”. With this pack you will access yo, ur laptop from anywhere in the world.

Phone my PC:

Like many others, it’s also a simple App for accessing your laptop. Install this App on your home or Office laptop and also on your Cell phone. After this, you will create an ID and a strong password. It also gives you a webcam preview option. Just this option and now you will get direct access to your laptop camera. The only negative thing about this app is, it’s a little slower than others. But the easiest one.


In the above Article I explained all the possible ways to access your laptop camera remotely from anywhere in the world.
All the Apps works amazingly. You can install any of them according to your need and choice. Read the complete article for best understanding. I hope you will it worthy.
If you have any question or confusion just let me know in the comment section below.

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