How to Change Margins In Google Docs?


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Margins are unused spaces (top, bottom, and sides) around the document, without any text or images. Margins are things that keep your text from conflicting with the edges of the paper.

This use of margins is usually an aesthetic choice; text that is too close to the edge of the paper looks ugly. However, you often also require a margin (especially on the left side of document) to accommodate a specific binding area of printed documents. The ability to adjust the document margins can enhance the usefulness of any word processing program. In my article, I will guide you “How to Change Margins in Google Docs. 

Like many word processing Software, Google Docs allows you to change the page margins (such as edit marginsadjust margins and remove margins) and change the text flow to meet your needs. Google’s free document sharing service includes a convenient slider and a settings window to help you adjust the margins. If you use Google Docs to manage online documents, you can use these features from any browser with an Internet connection.

Note: Changing the page margins affects every page in the document. You cannot change the margins of individual pages separately (It is tricky. I have searched the solution and mentioned it at the bottom of the article).

There are two main methods to adjust margins, one allows users to set the margins with the ruler directly and the second is through the Page Setup Options.

  1. How to change the margins with the ruler in Google Docs? 


  1. If it is not visible yet, click “View” and then “Show Ruler” to open the ruler.
  1. Let’s start with the left margin. Place the mouse pointer anywhere on the gray area above the screen on the left side of the ruler (indicating margins) so that you can see the pointer change into a two-way arrow.
  2. Click and drag the gray area to the right to increase the margin and drag the gray area to the left to decrease the margin.
  1. Note that the end of the margin also has a small blue rectangle and a downward triangle. These icons are use for the first line indent and for the left indent, respectively. Since the indent icon moves with the margin, you may also need to position the indent. By default, your document will have no logo (the text will be flush with two margins), but you may want to drag the “first line indent” to the right by about half an inch, or you may want to use the hanging indentation.
  2. You can adjust the other margins-right, up, and down in the same way. Drag the gray margin as needed. You can find and set the top/bottom margins in the vertical ruler, available on the left side of the device screen.


  1. How to change the margins in Google Docsusing “Page Setup” or “Menu Bar”? 

You can also use menu commands to set specific margins instead of dragging the margin line on the ruler.


  1. Click the file option, and then select “Page Setup”.
  2. In the Page Setup window, you can enter the required precise margin (in inches), and then click OK.


How to Change top to bottom Margins in Google Docs?

If you want to adjust top/bottom margins, not just left and right, then you can perform this by follow these three simple steps.

  • Go to “File” and select “Page Setup.”
  • The first step is simple. After finding the toolbar at the top of the screen, see the “File” button, which located in the upper left corner. After clicking “File”, a drop-down menu will appear. Find and select “Page Setup” from the list.
  • Enter the required margin size
  • After clicking on the “Page Setup”, a pop-up box will display on the screen. In addition to adjusting the margins, the page setup tool also provides options for changing: orientation, page size, and page color. Find the “Margins” tab, and then type the desired margin size in the text box to the right of the margin you want to change.
  • Select “OK” and/or click “Set as Default.”
  • Although this last step seems a bit simple, it may be the most important. If you do not click the “OK” button, no changes will save. Google Docs also provides the option to create a new margin default by selecting “Set as default”. After selecting this button, any original documents you create will have these margins.


How to Change Margins In Google Docs App?

If you have a mobile phone and you use it mostly for your online job, and you need to adjust documents in Google Docs, then you must want to know how to change margins in google docs on the phone? I am here in your answer. First of all, start the Google Document app and log-in to your app through your mobile and open the document that you want to edit. You can access the margin settings of the app by clicking “File” and then selecting “Page Setup” options.

Entering a number in any of these fields will create a margin in inches at the specified location. For example, the 1-inch top margin will create a 1-inch gap between the top of the paper and the beginning of the text. Click “Set as Default” to save your settings for future documents, and click “OK” to apply the changes to the current document.


How to Change Margins In Google Docs on IPAD?

Google Docs Pages have many functions similar to other word processing programs on the iPad. Like most other word processing software’s, the ruler at the top of the Google Docs in the document editing view facilitate you to set and edit the basic format. The ruler can hide, but it can display by clicking in the document. Clicking on the text also displays a keyboard with formatting tools at the top. You can also click the “Format” button similar to the paintbrush at any time to view the “Format” dialog box.

The ruler shows you the settings of the selection in the document. Clicking on the text in the document will immediately enable the ruler and reflect the settings of the selected content (in this case, margins). You can set the margins through ruler in Google Docs on IPAD; for the purpose, you have to select your all writing work and then move the ruler setting on top of the app from left to right or from left to right for the adjustment of your margins. You can view the movement of margins and also can measure the margins on top of the page in ruler movement.


How to Change Margins for One Page in Google Docs? 

I have mentioned at the start of my article that you cannot set the margin for only one page separately in Google Docs, and your changes will apply to the whole documents. However, I have found the solution for this issue, and you can now use the ruler below the toolbar to change the left & right margins of any part of the document. The document will adjust the settings according to your selection or cursor position. Previously, you could only set global preferences for the entire text. With this technique, the usability of Docs exceeds that of Microsoft Word-although it has been a long time to change the margins of different parts; it is a tedious process.


How I Can Change Margins in Google Sheets? 

Google has two different apps for working with Words and Sheets. You cannot use Google Docs for work with cells. You need to download and install separate Google Sheets for working with cells.

You can set the margins of Google Sheets as you can set the margins in your Google Docs. There is no difference in basic functionalities between both Google apps. You can use the “ruler” or “page setup” options to set the margins of your Google Docs or Google Sheet.


My Google Docs Margins Not Working Properly?  

Google is the most popular online product, and there is no chance that the launched version of any Google product does not work correctly. If you still feel your Google Docs Margins not working correctly, then you may need to check your internet connection. If your rulers are not visible for the setting of the margins, then you can use the view menu from the mane option to show a ruler. If you still feel that your Google Docs app is not working correctly, then I will suggest to uninstall the app and reinstall it. If your device has viruses, then you need to remove your viruses or to reinstall the Operating System of your device.


Why is it useful to change the margins in Google Docs?

For most everyday use cases, business users may not need to edit the margins of their documents. However, in some cases, custom formats may be required to meet internal or third-party requirements.

You may need to know how to change the margins in Google Docs to conform to the following format:

  • RFP response
  • technical manual
  • Employee Handbook
  • Legal file
  • Sales and marketing materials


Can You Lock the Margins?

There is no way to lock in the profits of Google Docs. You can edit them at any time. However, if you set the permissions correctly, you don’t have to worry about others messing up your settings when sharing documents.

When sharing a document with others – when entering an email address or name, using the share button at the top right of the screen, you will need to find them in “Can comment” or “Can view” after they leave it as “editable,” They will be able to adjust the margins. The first two options will mean that they cannot make any edits.



As you can see in this article, editing margins in Google Docs is not very difficult. This setting of margins is straightforward for the left and right margins because you do not have to leave the page. It only takes a few extra steps to accommodate all or all, but nothing is too complicated.

Unfortunately, my impression of Google Docs is the same as the impression of Google Sheets. They are all half-cooked products, obviously not well thought out. If there is motivation, I can understand the separation of service and productivity tools into separate applications. In this case, no. There are no other features or benefits to using these two apps through Google Drive.

Before Google Docs can be used not only as a plain text editor, you can also use better choices. These choices are more worth your time and, in some cases, can save money.

I hope you understand How to change margins in google docs? And now, you can quickly implement it in Google Docs’ documentation. If you have any questions or concerns about any method, please mention them in the comment section below. I will be happy to serve you. I hope now you no longer need to search how to change margins in google docs app.


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