How to charge Hoverboard with laptop charger


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When your Hoverboard is not getting charged properly or consuming extra hours to charge fully, there are two reasons behind this issue; one is due to its battery, maybe it may get damaged, and the second reason is its charger.

In the first case, you have to consider Technion to solve this problem. In the second case, you have to read this article till its last word to get a solution to your problem.

Later I will tell you how to charge Hoverboard with laptop charger, charger without a charger, and tips for extended battery life; this article is not only filled with information, I have some of my favorite, incredible stunts for you; these will double your fun. I enjoy these stunts, and these stunts are pretty easy to perform.

Let’s get started….!
Before answering your question, you need to know what features that charger should have.
Volts                            12 V approx.
Output Power            1.5 approx.
If your laptop charger has these specs, you can charge your Hoverboard.

How to charge Hoverboard with laptop charger:

It is one of the crazy techniques to charge the Hoverboard. The method is to plug in the laptop’s charger in a single pin on the charging slot of the Hoverboard and tilts the Hoverboard in such a way that it keeps the plugin in its place now on the power supply. This method takes more time to complete the charger than Hoverboard’s original charger.

Don’t use this method for a long time; this is not a proper solution. Regular use of this technique may cause battery damage. So, to avoid such a situation buying a new charger is a better decision. Our next piece of talk is….

How to charge Hoverboard without a charger:

First of all, get the location of the battery for this lift up the board and sense the heavier side of the board. Now the side with more weight is the side of the power unit, now, place the board on the earth and start rolling the power unit side back and forth with your hand. After 10 minutes, your board has enough energy to make a start but for a short time.

Again, this is a short-term solution battery life of your board doesn’t last long. So don’t waste your energy and time and try to arrange a hoverboard charger.

How to charge Hoverboard with laptop charger or without a charger? These methods are the tricks, not solutions. Use these methods just in case of any emergency, not as a routine. Now I must give you….

Tips for improving Hoverboard’s battery life:

Charge appropriately before going on a ride.
When the light gets red, put your board on charging.
When the light gets green, remove your board from charging to avoid overcharging.
Keep your Hoverboard away from direct sunlight and fire flame.
Always use the suggested charger to charge your Hoverboard.
Keep your board away from the extreme weather condition.
Always keep the weight capacity of your board in mind.
Don’t ride a Hoverboard on a rough and uneven surface.
Don’t let your board on charging overnight.

Preventive measures while charging Hoverboard:

The hoverboard battery is made up of lithium-ion, a highly flammable material. So, to avoid any mishap, charge your Hoverboard in a separate and open place.
Always use a suitable charger. And the most suitable one is that it comes with the board.
Always keeps a fire extinguisher near the charging area. If any accident may happen can control quickly.
While charging the Hoverboard, don’t let it switch on.
Don’t keep the flammable material near to the board while charging.
Usually, Hoverboard takes 3 to 4 hours to get fully charged. So, don’t let it overcharge.
If you smell an odor burning on the spot where you put the board for charging, quickly switch off the main power supply and unplug the charger to the board. Now you have to arrange a new battery for your Hoverboard.
We have spent a bundle of minute on how to charge Hoverboard with laptop charger.
Now it’s time to have some fun………

Cool and Trendy Hoverboard stunts:

First of all, let’s take start with a basic stunt. It is an easy stunt to perform, but it’s the coolest in swag. But before performing these stunts, keep your safety first and wear safety gear properly.

Basic spin:

Tilt one foot down and keep the other in place to perform the basic spin, so the board starts spinning. If you want to spin left, then tilt the left foot and keep the right foot at rest and if you want to spin right, then tilt the right foot down and keep the left foot at rest.
Did you notice that? It’s just a piece of cake.

The circle:

The circle is another basic stunt like bare spin butt a little bit challenging to perform this stunt; you have to balance your whole body on the one side of the Hoverboard, and the board selects the other side as the axis and starts rotating.

The 360′ Turn:

Now let’s head toward the advanced level. The 360′ turn is difficult to perform and demands practice. To perform this stunt, you need to be quick and accurate. Just spin your board at 180′ and jump, and don’t let the board go more than 180′; otherwise, you will be injured. And then spin your board, jump, and try to catch the board at the same angle. Now you’re one rotation 360′ get complete. To perform this stunt, you have to be calm; it takes time.

The Hero’s swirl:

Cool but hard to perform. For performing this stunt, balance is the key; just put one hand on the wheel and the other in the air, put one foot on the footboard, and keep the other foot slightly up from the ground. The board starts rotation. The tricky point is to keep your body balanced in this position.
Now let me try to answer some of your questions that will help you keep a long-time partnership between you and you’re shinning Hoverboard.


Is it fine to play with Hoverboard with a low battery?

If the indicator light turns red, don’t ride, especially when it’s beeping. Now quickly stop riding and put Hoverboard on charging.

What happens when I leave Hoverboard on charging overnight?

Due to overcharging, the battery got heated up and maybe got exploded. So don’t make such a mistake.

How long can a hoverboard battery last?

A fully charge hoverboard battery can last for 1 hour. It purely depends on the quality of the Hoverboard.

How examine the charger of the Hoverboard?

If you fully charge Hoverboard that doesn’t last more than 30 minutes, and the charging indicator (red light) is dimmer than normal, your hoverboard charger needs to be changed.


Now it’s time to say goodbye I have tried my best to answer how to charge Hoverboard with laptop charger. Did you notice? It’s a pretty crazy idea to do so.

Keep one thing in your brilliant mind while charging your Hoverboard with a laptop charger; there is a 70% chance of the wire getting unplugged because the hoverboard port is designed for three prongs adopter and laptop charging adopters are one prong. So, the adopter doesn’t perfectly grip the slot.

Again, I repeat that charging the Hoverboard with laptop charger and without charger are just tricks, not a proper solution to the charging problem. If your hoverboard charger is out of operation, use these methods but keep your focus on buying a new one. While charging, avoid your board overcharging.

Now it’s your turn to help me do me a favor and leave your precious words of suggestion or motivation in the comment section. For further quires feel free to contact me.

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