How to take Screenshot On HP Laptop?


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HP is a famous laptop brand, and HP has many kinds of computing devices. I found a question through the comments section of my blog in which it asked how to screenshot on HP laptop. Therefore I have decided to write a complete detailed article instead to write a short answer. After reading this full article, you will know how to screenshot on HP laptop, all exact methods, different ways to take a screenshot on different kind of HP laptops, etc.
The screen capture in HP laptops is an easy and common task. Most of the people use it frequently on the other side. Many users have no information about screenshot on laptop HP, And they always try to use a notebook for saving any required information. However, the screenshot is an easy method to save any image, text, record, page, design etc.
With the introduction of personal computing, screen capturing is a commonly used task. Now it is the standard function of laptops, and all manufacturers companies are using standard screenshot procedure for it. Now it does not matter what kind of laptop you have, and you can take a screenshot by tapping or clicking. The most easier way to take hp screenshots is to use the PrintScreen button of the keyboard. This button usually labels the “PrintScreen” button as “prt sc” and you can found in on the first top row of your keyboard. Few modern laptops may change the label of this button a little bit. Let us know about the screenshot, and you can skip the following heading of you already know about screenshots and its uses. If you read then, you will get additional information.

What does the screenshot mean?

The display appears on the screen of computing devices, and you already know it, and the shooting means capturing a current screen. This image is a digital display of the screen, and most persons use it for saving a record or note. During YouTube, you want to save the address of any video instead of writing the same on your copy you can capture the screen. Or you can capture a screen during playing of any video for noting of dress design or other information. This image is called a screenshot, screencap, and screengrab or screen dump etc. You also can take your image during the play of your video on HP laptop, and I hope you know now how to SS on hp laptop.

Why is a Screen Shot So Important?

Procedure regarding take a screenshot on hp laptop is essential, and many persons use them according to their needs. I mostly use screenshots for saving any written information. Let us see the fundamental importance of screenshots.
• Youtubers, bloggers, and other computer users take screenshots to share a specific photo with their friends and family members.
• To record a map or current location, people take a screenshot and share it with others.
• Sometimes you cannot download any image due to some restrictions or other issues then you can then take a screenshot and save the image in your HP laptops.
• It is impossible always to use a notebook to save written information; therefore, many persons take a screenshot.
• During your movie, you can take a screenshot of your image and can print it out.
• People save a recipe with screenshot instead of keeping the full video.
• Most people save their chat by taking screenshots of their chat.
There are many more reasons and importance, and it varies with person to person. Let’s get to our main question how to screenshot on hp laptop.

Keyboard screenshot:

The screenshot through the keyboard is very easy, and HP Pavilion Laptops has a unique print screen function key for the purpose. This key is mostly located in the first top row of the keyboard and at the right side of the board. The label of this PrintScreen button is prtsc, prt scrn, prt SCR etc. but you will easily judge this button. It may operate with the function key. The image will store in the clipboard after pressing of PrintScreen button. This function is the same for all HP laptops, so if any person asks form you how to screenshot on hp laptop envy, you can answer him.

How To Retrieve Screenshot?

Now you know how to screenshot on hp PC, so, after taking a screenshot, you need to open a paint application of your HP laptop. This application is built in the application, so you don’t need to install it. Now you press paste option in paint or press Ctrl and V keys of your keyboard to paste your screenshot in paint application. You can paste your image in any application that accepts images such as MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint etc.

How to Edit Screenshot:

You may need to edit your screenshot after capturing. Sometimes you need to capture it, or sometimes you want to write something on your image or rotate it. For this purpose, you can use the snipping tool or paint programme and can set image quality as you want. This both software are builtin with HP Pavilion laptops.
You can also use any other image to improve image quality such as JPEG View, Adobe Photoshop, Irfan View, or any other latest image edit tools. Most of them are free.

What are the Famous Software to Edit ScreenShot:

You can use much free software to edit your image. Most image editing tools are heavy and occupy large memory space. However, you can use browser extensions dedicated to editing screenshot images such as Awesome Screenshot or Fireshot. You also can use other screenshot tools that also occupy less space and don’t need heavy processing.

How to Take a ScreenShot of a Specific Area?

Now you know how to take a screenshot on hp computer, however, sometimes you don’t want a screenshot of the full screen there are two solutions
• First is take a screenshot of the entire image and then crop it
• Second, it to take a screenshot of the only specific area.
Windows operating system provides the best solution for almost everything. You have to follow following easy steps for the screenshots of the partial area at your hp laptop screen.
Press Windows Key + Shift Key + S. The full screen becomes blurred/transparent now you use the mouse and select the area you want to capture. This selection will automatically copy in your clipboard. Now you can copy this image into any image editing tool. Now edit the image and share it on social media.

How To Take a Screen Shot With WordPad in HP Laptop?

Now you know how to take a screenshot with hp laptop and how to screenshot on hp desktop. The same procedure is for all software and application. Wordpad is an easy word processing tool that is inherent in all Windows versions and available in all laptops with windows. Wordpad has only essential word processing functions that required for just necessary word files. However, that is enough for the basic needs of a text document.
To take a screenshot in Wordpad, you have to use the snipping tool to capture anything in your Wordpad. You don’t need to install the snipping tool; this is a builtin tool for windows users. You have to follow the following steps to take a screenshot.
• Open Wordpad in your HP Laptop
• Click the start button of Windows.
• Type snipping in search option at the bottom of the start menu
• Select snipping tool in search results with the click
• Click and drag a curser on the desired capturing area.
• Release the mouse, and you will find a screenshot display in snipping tool.
• Save the file by click on save as option from File Menu.
• Select the desired format of your image such as JPEG, GIF, HTML or PNG etc.
• Give a name to your file.
• Click on save to save your screenshot.

How to take a screenshot in Windows?

If you are using a Windows laptop, then my one answer will cover your following three questions:
• how to screenshot on hp laptop windows 7?
• how to screenshot on hp laptop windows 8?
• how to screenshot on hp laptop windows 10?
The procedure for taking a screenshot for all HP windows laptops is the same, and the most straightforward approach is the following:
• Just press the print screen button on your keyboard
• Open MS Paint
• Press Control + V
• Edit Your Image
• Save Your Image

You also can use any other tool for taking a screenshot the procedure is almost the same for all windows HP Laptops as I described above.

How do you take a screenshot on a HP laptop without PrintScreen button?

There are many other ways to take a screenshot without pressing the PrintScreen button. You can use multiple tools for the purpose. I will explain just two following functions, and the procedure for capturing a screenshot with other tolls is almost the same.

i). How to use a Snipping Tool on HP Laptop for taking a quality screenshot?

The new advanced HP laptops have introduced many latest tools for screenshots and provide you with multiple solutions of your question how do I screenshot on hp laptop. You can use these tools easily without paying anything, and there is no complexity involved. In the screenshot tool, you can use the snipping tool and can take rectangular screenshots easily. You also can highlight or delete screen areas with this advanced tool. You have to follow the following instructions for the purpose:
• First of all press the Window Key and type snipping tool
• Now select the tool from the list of applications
• The rectangular screenshot is the default mode of the snipping tool
• You can drag screen area through mouse for a screenshot.
• Click on the mode option and select the given list
• After selection press new
• Your screenshot is ready with snipping tool.

ii). How to Use a Snagit to take a screenshot in HP Laptops?

Snagit is an easy tool that provides an easy-to-use interface and many other advance features to make screenshots a breeze. You can use the Snagit tool to take perfect screenshots on your HP laptops. Snagit also supports video recordings that can record scrolling screens of HP laptops from capturing screenshots to editing and resizing them. Please follow the steps below to take screenshots on HP laptops efficiently.
• After downloading the Snagit app, open it.
• It would help if you pressed the red circle button to launch the screen snapshot at the desktop screen’s top.
• Then, select the camera icon to take a screenshot, or select the video recorder icon to record the screen.
• Select the part of the screen to capture or record.
• Your desktop image will be visible in the Snagit application. You can resize, annotate, edit, copy and save the cut image from here.
• And, paste any application and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why won’t my computer take a screenshot?

If your computer is not capturing a screenshot, then check the keyboard button of PrintScreen. It may not be functional due to dust or any other issue. You can use any tool if your keyboard button is not working. There may be a space issue in your laptop in case of failure in taking a screenshot.

How to screenshot on hp laptop elite book?

There is no specific difference on HP laptops regarding capturing a screenshot. Therefore, you can use any method mentioned above to take a screenshot on your HP elite book.

How to screenshot on hp laptop Chromebook?

Chromebook and Windows are different Operating Systems. Windows provide more functionalities and are more famous than the Chromebook Operating System. You can use any software like snipping tool in Chromebook for taking a screenshot in HP Chromebook Laptops.

Final Words:

In my article, I have described many options to take a screenshot on HP laptops, and I hope now you have to find the answer to your question how to screenshot on HP laptop. There is no unique technique involved, and the procedure to take a screenshot is common for all laptop brands. If you are not familiar with laptops then now you have enough information about the capturing of screenshots.
If you still have any query then can ask freely through the comments section I will feel happy to answer you and especially if I need to search the answer of your question, I will enjoy my work.

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