How To Test A Laptop Battery With A Multimeter


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In this article, I’ll show you how to test a laptop battery with a multimeter. When testing battery life with the meter, keep in mind that your laptop will not give you an accurate reading.

If you have a laptop with a battery and need to check its capacity, the most efficient way to do so is to use a multimeter. If you ever find yourself with a dead laptop battery, your first reaction might be to discard it—and you’d be correct.

However, if you want to be certain that your battery isn’t causing your computer to crash, you’ll need to conduct some more troubleshooting.
One of the most expensive components of a computer is the battery. The only method to know whether they’re about to die is to open the laptop and look at the battery.

If it turns out to be dead, you’ll have to invest time and money to replace it. This can be rather pricey, especially if you need to replace a large number of computers. The majority of people either discard the dead battery or operate the machine on batteries until it dies.

In this article, I’ll show you how to test your laptop battery with a multimeter quickly and easily.

How To Test A Laptop Battery Using A Multimeter:

Before you can use a multimeter for your next project, you’ll need to learn how to read a few things. Basic voltages must be understood before you even open your multimeter for the first time.

You’ll also need to know how to use a multimeter to test a laptop battery. The voltage on your multimeter is read, including what is displayed on the screen. You should also be aware of the voltage range that your multimeter can measure, as well as the link between volts and amps, or amperes.

A multimeter is an essential tool for testing and measuring electrical equipment, such as your car or household appliances.

It has two main components: a dial that displays various voltages and amperages, and a scale on which the readings can be read.
The dial has a pointer that points to certain numbers, which are typically inscribed around the dial’s edges.

How To Connect Your Battery To Your Multimeter

A variety of probes, such as a continuity probe, a shunt, a test light, and a voltage probe, are included in the top multimeters.

A built-in light is standard, and some even have a test switch. These tools are quite useful for diagnosing battery problems, but there are a few things to bear in mind when utilizing them.

This blog post will go through the basics of how to test a laptop battery with a multimeter, such as how to set up a multimeter, test a 9V battery, and troubleshoot.

You’ll use a digital multimeter to check the voltage, resistance, and capacity of the battery. To begin, attach our multimeter to a 9V battery and check the voltage and resistance to see whether they are within tolerance. You’ll then check the battery’s capacity to see if it can hold a charge.

You have a multimeter, right? So, what’s next? What’s the best way to connect it to a battery? Here are some suggestions that I utilize while creating electrical connections and have found to be effective.

Use A Multimeter If Possible.

Always use a multimeter rather than an ohmmeter. Don’t bother with the continuity test if your multimeter has one.
Take care of the cables first.

Begin with the cables that originate from the battery. They’re usually big and easy to hold.

Make sure the terminals are free of debris.

Make certain the terminals are free of debris. Brush the terminal with a toothbrush if the battery is new.

Small batteries should be handled with caution.

Small batteries, such as those used in watches, should be handled with caution. These frequently have exposed plates that might cause harm if they come into contact with the body.
Always make positive connections.

What Is the Average Laptop Battery’s Lifespan?

The battery on a typical laptop can last for two to four years. When completely charged, a good battery can last up to 2-3 hours. Your battery can be charged roughly 1000 times before it dies.
How to test a laptop battery with a multimeter (Step by Step Guide )

A multimeter is a tool that can be used to measure a wide range of variables. It’s used to check if a laptop’s battery is functioning properly.
A multimeter can be used to check the voltage of a battery, the amperage of a battery, and other things. A multimeter can be used to determine the voltage of a battery by setting it to the DC voltage range and measuring the voltage of the battery.

Step 1: Charge your laptop first.

Make sure the battery is completely charged before using a multimeter to check its health. If it isn’t, the multimeter may not function correctly.

Step 2: Remove the battery.

If the battery hasn’t already been removed from the laptop, gently push it out.

Step 3: Connect the multimeter to the battery.

Remove the battery from the laptop and verify the voltage rating with a voltmeter. If the battery has a voltage rating of 9. 5 volts or more, it is appropriate. If the multimeter does not read a voltage, the battery must be replaced.

Step 4: Adjust the multimeter’s settings

Laptop batteries are commonly tested at 16 to 20 volts. It is usual practice to test laptop batteries at 20 volts because the battery will produce greater current than at 16 volts.

It is feasible to establish whether the battery is capable of generating the appropriate amount of current to run the laptop by testing it at 20 volts.
The letter V stands for voltage settings, while the parallel lines that surround it stand for direct current.

Step 5: Connect the multimeter to the connector ports on the battery.

Whether you’re using a digital or analog multimeter, the procedure is the same: connect the red lead to the battery’s +ive terminal and the black lead to the -ive terminal.

Step 6: Check the multimeter’s reading.

Take careful notes on your multimeter’s readings. When the prongs are correctly linked and there is no interference, the multimeter will read. Because your battery is completely charged, the voltage reading should be close to the battery’s printed voltage rating.

Step 7: Monitor the Voltage After Discharging the Battery.

To compare your battery’s voltage to the full charge value, try measuring it after a 60- to 80-percent discharge. The voltage of a discharged laptop battery will be close to 0V. It will still have a few volts in it.

When the battery voltage falls below a specific level, your computer shuts down automatically. This is because the battery will be harmed if the voltage drops too low. The battery’s protective circuitry will then prevent you from using a dead battery.

How To Identify A Dead Laptop Battery?

On your screen, a replacement warning will appear.
Shutdowns are frequent, and the running time is short.
Despite plugging in your laptop to charge it, it does not charge.
It frequently overheats, especially when in use.

What is the distinction between a digital and an analog multimeter?

The needle moves up and down when you move the slider on an analog multimeter.
Digital multimeters are more accurate than analog multimeters since they do not have moving parts.

Is it safe to use a multimeter to test laptop batteries?

Yes. It is safe to use a multimeter to check the health of laptop batteries. You should visually inspect your multimeter before measuring with it. Look for signs of physical damage on the meter, test probes, and accessories.

Make sure all of the plugs are secure and look for any exposed metal or cracks in the case.

Why is it required to test a laptop’s battery?

If there are symptoms that a laptop battery isn’t performing properly, it should be examined. Because of this, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the health of your laptop battery: it can, and most likely will, expire at some point, and you don’t want to be stuck changing it in a panic.
Furthermore, simply because the battery has died does not need the purchase of a new laptop.


Now that you know how to test a laptop battery with a multimeter, make sure you do it frequently. The steps are far too simple to follow and manage. It will be beneficial to maintain a close eye on the battery performance to prevent future laptop damage.

Battery testing is required since it allows you to spot battery issues before they become serious. The ability of a battery to keep a charge, as well as its ability to operate on a laptop, are both critical features.

A multimeter is an excellent instrument for checking the health of a laptop battery. It can detect voltage, current, and resistance. You can establish the battery’s health and whether or not it needs to be replaced by measuring these three characteristics.

So you’ll need an inexpensive analog multimeter to make sure you receive the appropriate results. I hope that this article will help you in locating your solution of how to test a laptop battery with a multimeter!

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