How to track a stolen laptop with a serial number?


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Technology has made it easier for us to track and locate our items, including how to trace a stolen laptop using its serial number and other tools. A laptop is a multipurpose device that may be used for a range of tasks. If your laptop is stolen, you’ll want to make sure it can’t be used or sold again. To report it as stolen and track down its current location, you’ll need to know the serial number. Fortunately, there are a number of fantastic apps available that make this process simple for anyone with a working knowledge of computers.

You will almost certainly need to track a stolen laptop at some point in your life. Several things may be done to locate the laptop and return it to safety, whether it is yours or someone else’s. There isn’t much you can do if your laptop has been stolen or misplaced for whatever reason. However, you do not have to give up hope because there are a few options, and we will explore How to track a Stolen Laptop with a Serial Number in this article.

How to track a stolen laptop by using serial number?

We all hope for the best and work hard to avoid becoming pessimistic. As a result, you should take some precautionary measures. Keeping track of serial numbers on all of your equipment, including your laptop, is a good idea. Your devices communicate serial numbers to the provider’s network on a regular basis, allowing them to quickly identify them.

To be sure, if you call your carrier to report your device stolen, your serial number will not be able to determine the specific location of your device. They can identify the equipment simply by looking at it. Even though your hardware warranty states that the company cannot guarantee recovery, some manufacturer customer service departments acquire the serial number when you report your stolen laptop. Furthermore, if you make a police report, the officers will rely on such specific details to back up their findings.

Is it possible to track a stolen laptop solely by its serial number?

Even though serial numbers are mostly numbers, they are a fundamental means of identification for laptops. They provide the device with a sense of individuality. When physical contact happens, it can be valuable for the police report, insurance, and pawnshop complaints, even if they only go as far as immediate recognition.

Track stolen laptop using Mac address:

Your Best Laptop Thermal Paste’s MAC address is made up of six sets of two digits joined together by hyphens. This is also known as a serial number, and you must keep track of it in case of an incident. Go to utilities and open the terminal app to check where it is.

“Command + Shift + U” is another option. It shows all network interfaces as well as their MAC addresses. Contacting your network administrator has a good probability of recovering your laptop. It’s worthless if you haven’t registered your gadget on a central network.
However, if you did register the device, you must contact the network administrator to have your laptop tagged for tracking or monitoring. Notifying the network administrator about your stolen laptop alerts them that the equipment is no longer in your possession, and they can track it down if there is a change in IP address. They’d be able to figure out where the link is originating from.

Finding a windows laptop:

It’s simple to search for and locate a Windows laptop, thanks to Microsoft’s Find My Device function, which is included in the current version of Windows. This tool makes use of your laptop’s operating system and begins tracking its position from the moment it goes missing.

How can you track the stolen laptop:

To track your laptop, you must first sign in with a Microsoft account, after which the Find My Device functionality will begin to function. Here’s how to go about it.

Select Accounts from the Start menu.
On the settings page, click your account and then ‘update and security.’
You’re on if your information appears on the screen. You must log in if you are not already logged in.
When the update and security option loads, go to the sidebar menu and search for ‘Find my Device.’
Turn it on to confirm that you require the Windows 10 operating system to order to access a Microsoft account.
Log in with your current Microsoft account and select the Devices tab.
Choose the option “stolen or missing device” and then “find my device.”
It will be difficult to track your device if it is not turned on; otherwise, you will need an active internet connection to obtain its precise location through GPS.
You can use this to trace your stolen laptop if it is turned on and being used someplace.

Finding lost laptop by using Gmail and Drop box with IP address:

According to research, one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, which was a typical occurrence during the days of unlimited travel. Now that the figure isn’t so good, the question of whether or not a stolen laptop can be tracked emerges. Yes, there are several ways to track a stolen laptop. You can track your laptop with the use of particular software, which many computer users are unaware of. You might not be familiar with a variety of technical terms unless you’re a techie.
Here I will explain two methods about How to track a stolen laptop.

By way of drop box:

IP addresses are the simplest way to trace down a stolen laptop. Examine the settings of your recently visited site on a separate laptop or device.
Go to the log-in sessions you’ve used recently list. If they have an Internet connection, the perpetrator will most likely turn on the laptop, and your Dropbox will immediately sync. As a result, your Gmail account receives an automatic notification.
Dropbox is a great option because it logs you in immediately. Click on your account emblem in the upper right corner.
After that, go to Settings >Security.
Then, under the most recent activity column, scroll down to the web browser’s area and look at the information symbol for the selected device.

By way of Gmail:

If the behavior is suspect, Gmail can help by sending you warnings about new logins and where they occurred.
When this happens, you can use the last known position as a starting point.
Go to the web version of Gmail and scroll down to the bottom right corner to locate a details option.
Click it to see all of your account’s recent activities.
To see the most current activity on your account, tap Show Details again and copy the associated URL or IP address. While you won’t be able to pinpoint the device’s specific location, you will be able to determine the town, neighborhood, or even road where it is located.


This was a conversation about How to track a stolen laptop by using serial number. The conversation included a simple plan for you to follow if you ever lose your laptop.

Your serial number will very certainly not be able to pinpoint the specific location of your device, but you can notify your supplier or provider of the robbery so that they can trace it down. They can easily connect to the device’s location if it is turned on. When you sign in with a complaint about a stolen laptop, some client care services from the providers capture the serial number of the laptop.

When you find your laptop has been stolen, it can be a sad experience. You may feel helpless, but there are a lot of techniques to trace a missing gadget using its serial number or IP address to locate it and recover it! So be prepared for the worst and explore all of the options listed above.

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