How To Use Laptop as a Monitor For PS4?


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You know I am running a blog related to gaming laptops, and my visitors asked me a lot of queries regarding their gaming issues. A few days ago, I received many questions related to the connectivity of laptops and PS4. The few problems are as follows:
• Can I use my laptop as a screen for my ps4?
• How to use laptop as monitor for PS4 with HDMI?
• How Can I Use My Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 without Remote Play?
• How can I use my laptop as a monitor for ps4 without remote play?
• How to display PS4 on Laptop?
• Can I use a laptop as a monitor?
If you want to know how to use laptop as monitor for PS4, then I will answer this along with all the above questions in this article. I will also answer many more questions related to the connectivity of PS4 with a laptop. I will share some special connectivity techniques that are very beneficial for gamers; therefore, read the full article to not to miss anything extraordinary for you.
Connecting PS4 to Laptop Screen:
To connect the PS4 to the laptop correctly, you need USB-based HDMI to capture video. You can use these interfaces for U streaming, LiveStreaming and Twitch.
You can find low-priced equipment around $50-$70, and the best quality equipment around $150-$200, but unless you own a powerful machine, it may be a bit old. If you are a fan of advanced games, you will love the powerful features provided by PS4. PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles, and it is fun. You can play for hours in high-resolution games, choose hundreds of game options, and then play for hours. Whether you like strategy games,
action games, or want to rampage and kill zombies everywhere, the PS4 console will protect you.
So, what about compatibility? Sometimes, when someone is watching TV, you don’t have a playable screen at home, or the worst case is that your TV needs repair! In this situation, many gamers are curious about how to use laptops as monitors for PS4. In this way, players can use the laptop as a monitor to take action without having to wait to turn on the TV again directly. Ok, let us start and learn how to connect a PS4 to a laptop, but please read full guidelines carefully.

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4 Using Capture Card?
The first method involves connecting the console to the laptop using a video capture card. This method is not complicated at all.However, you will require to spend a few dollars to prepare all the equipment for setup. The things required to build the system include a laptop, a video capture
card, a connection to Ethernet or WiFi, file sharing compatibility, and an HDMI cable.
• The first thing you need to do is open the file sharing option in the PS4 menu under the settings tab, and then use the network option to find the network settings option, and you can now access the Internet connection. In the non-presence of a wireless Internet connection, you can use a WiFi router and use the PS4 configuration to connect to the computer.
• Once the connection established, you can now quickly start streaming between the two computers. Then you will have to connect the video capture card to the laptop using the USB port. The video card comes with an installation kit, and the program is easy to install and set up.
• Now you need an S video connection, and you can quickly get that video connection from the retail store there, and use this connection to connect the video card to the PS4 console. Now, just pay attention to the HDMI-In link with the capture card, and HDMI-Out will link to the PS4 game console.
• After connecting the capture card to the PS4
• console, run the software, and turn on the PS4. The software will automatically track the PS4 console and display it on the laptop screen.
• Prosperity, now you don’t need to lead a horse to shine in the game.

Method 2
• Your game console has the availability of Sony Remote Play, which can allow you to play ps4 on your laptop. This system allows remote connection to PS4, and you can easily enjoy the game. Just like the first setup method, you need a laptop, game console, USB cable, and an account set up on the PlayStation platform. For this arrangement to be effective, your Internet connection should be a high-speed Internet.
• You also need the LCD screen at hand. Before setting up on the laptop, you need to do some ps4 system settings.
• You need to download the latest remote playback application compatible with laptops with Windows or Mac operating systems from the Sony website. The application will provide the installer, and you can easily download the application.
• After installation, open ps4 settings to enable “remote playback connection.” You can access the game’s network by activating the PS4 or putting it at rest option. If you are unsure whether the console is in sleep mode by default, you can check by entering the power saving setting. If the console is not in sleep mode, you can set it to rest in the settings.

• Turn on “Enable Boot” to run PS4 from the network. Open the remote application on the laptop, and then find the settings option on the application. Here, you can set the ideal 720p resolution setting. Use a dedicated USB cable to connect the controller to the computer.
• USB adapter and holding it down for a few seconds. On the Remote Play application, you will see the start button, when you click the button, you will go to the Play Station login screen on the network, and the application will select your ps4 in the system. You can play games on your laptop in this way.

PS4 To Laptop HDMI Through Remote Play:-
Remote Play is a streaming service provided by the famous Sony company itself for those who don’t know. The purpose of this is to allow PC and Mac users to enjoy PS4 games on their preferred computer devices.
However, you do need a PS4 console to link it to the desktop. What is HDMI Port? HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is a method of transferring digital audio and video information from one device to another without compression and quality loss. This interface was first introduced in 2003 and has commonly used in TVs,DVD players, audio/video receivers, and certain computer monitors. Although some Apple devices (such as Mac Mini) support HDMI, iMac lacks native support for this type of interface.
1. What are the Uses of HDMI?
HDMI input ports usually used to transmit information
from HDMI output devices (such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, digital TV boxes, or video game consoles) to TVs or other display devices. One HDMI cable can carry the same information as multiple analog cables, including audio and video information, without worrying about data loss usually associated with other formats. This single-cable arrangement improves the image and sound quality while simplifying the setup process.
The following is a list of things needed to set up “Remote Play.”
• Computer or laptop
• PS4 host
• the Internet
• USB cable
• PS4 account

Can I use my laptop as a PS4 monitor? Well, yes, you can!
How to play PS4 on laptop HDMI? This connectivity is I am going to teach you below. It can take up to a few minutes.
• Download Remote Play on your computer through this link
• Start your PS4 console and go to Settings, then go to PlayStation Network and then to Account Management. Enable “Activate as the main PS4”.
• Update the console software to 3.50 through “System Software Update.”
• Now go to settings and Remote playback connection settings and then enable it.
• In order to use Remote Play on a Mac or PC, you need to keep the console open (preferably put it in rest mode).
• Go to settings and open Power saving settings, then Set the functions available in rest mode and Enable to turn on PS4 from the network.
• Open the Remote Play you downloaded on your PC. Click the “Settings” option, and then adjust the fps and resolution according to the screen specifications to get the best gaming experience. The more powerful the desktop, the higher the graphics settings that can retain.
• Use the USB port to connect the PS4 controller to the desktop. You can also connect wirelessly by simultaneously pressing and holding the PlayStation and “Share” buttons on the controller. After the controller’s LED starts flashing, immediately connect it to the computer via a USB cable. The controller pairing takes about 4 to 5 seconds. If you need more time, please redo step 7.
• Now, just open your Remote Play application on your PC or MAC and log in with the credentials of the console. Make sure the console turned on. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect PS4 and PC.
When the gameplay saved to the laptop’s system, you can capture PS4 games through its built-in recording function. Start any game you want to record, and then press the “Share” button on the controller to enter the sharing page.
Go to sharing settings, then broadcast settings on advanced settings, then check “Include microphone audio in the broadcast” to record your voice to record gameplay.
Now you must select the recorded game. This technique of playing PS4 on a laptop screen with
HDMI without a video capture card will prove both beneficial and cheap. By using the built-in recording function and some clever tricks I mentioned here, you can easily play the laptop screen.
Connectivity of Laptop and PS4 through OBS Software
You can also consider using OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) to get highly convenient functions, advancement, and professionalism, because professionals often use it. Capture or access OBS is as easy as you think, just understand how it is!
Install the PS4 remote game and connect it to your PS4, open OBS and add a menu, then select the “Window Capture” option from it, and start capturing PS4 games, click “OK.”
The open broadcast software will allow users to take advantage of almost all types of customized recording results by changing settings.
Facts have proved that OBS recording software and capturing PS4 games through the built-in recording function is cheap and high-quality resources and technologies for recording PS4 games on the laptop screen.
Try to easily choose the option or method that best meets your needs and requirements. The quick and easy techniques mentioned above will not make you spend too much on the capture card.

How to Use Macbook Pro as Monitor for PS4?
I have discussed in detail PS4 HDMI to laptop, and now I will guide you about the connectivity of Macbook with PS4 console. Your Macbook may have an HDMI port, but it is an HDMI output, not an input. The monitor is internally connected, so you cannot directly access the monitor’s input.
This is how laptops (and iMacs) designed. The HDMI, the port you mentioned, is for multi- monitor setup or for the output to a projector-it is HDMI output. The laptop can send a signal to another monitor through HDMI port, but laptop cannot receive the incoming signal through this port and to transmit it to the laptop monitor.
However, I have a unique method for you to connect your MacBook with your PS4. You have to follow the following steps.
i. Update your PS4
• Head to Settings
• Select System Software Update
• Select Update (if available)
ii. Enable the Remote play on your PS4
• Head to Settings
• Click Remote Play Connection Settings
• Select the checkbox to Enable Remote Play
iii. Set PS4 as your Primary System
• Go to settings
• Click PlayStation Network/Account Management
• Choose activation as your primary PS4
• Click to activate
iv. Change the Power Setting of PS4
• Head to Settings
• Click on Power Save Settings
• Select Set Feature Available in Rest Mode
• Make sure the box that reads “Stay
• Connected to the Internet” is enabled
• Make sure the box that reads “Enable
• Turning on PS4 from Network” is enabled
v. Install Remote Play on your Mac
• Download Sony’s Remote Play software on your PC or Mac
• Follow the instructions to install the software
• Enjoy Your Game
• Launch the Remote Play software on the computer
• Click the start button in the remote playback software
• Log in to your PlayStation account
• Then, the software will search your system. As long as your PS4 is on (or in “rest” mode) and connected to the Internet, you can find it without problems
• Use the Micro-USB cable to connect the DualShock 4 controller to the computer, and then start the game.
It is worthy of connecting the laptop with PS4 and Few Important Tips?
• The free, value-added privilege of being a Mac and PS4 owner is definitely: Remote Play provides the option to play console games from a distance. Ideally, the experience is excellent.
• Considering that the top multi-platform games are unlikely to be released on the Apple platform, this is especially beneficial for the Mac compared to the Mac.
• Playing on the road is an obvious example, allowing you to play games when you are not at home, but it is useful even if you are in the same location as the PlayStation 4. You can take your MacBook to the porch or, for example, you can go to bed or enjoy PS4 games even if other people in your family use your TV.
• Remote playback is not without shortcomings and warnings. If your connection is not smooth, it is not worth the burden of lag and disconnection. I don’t recommend that you buy a PS4 for a feature without first trying it, maybe with a friend who already owns a game console-but as a bonus feature, it’s very cool and useful.
• When using the Vita control instead of the DualShock 4 controller, the gameplay will be different. The front and rear screens of the Vita usually replace the R2 and L2 triggers, and the R3 and L3 switch on the analog joystick, but this may vary between games.
• Certain games, such as Destiny and Fallout 4, have specific control schemes for Vita’s remote playback. Be sure to double-check the controls that most games usually located in the options menu.
• Although Xperia devices have touch screen controls by default, we recommend pairing the Xperia device with the DualShock 4 controller via Bluetooth. We also recommend that you physically connect the Xperia device to a fixed amount.
• For users who play on PS TV, you need to use DualShock 4 to play instead of DualShock 3 that initially included with the system. The latter is not compatible with PlayStation 4
• Can I connect my ps4 to my PC? Yes, You can connect your PC with your PS4, just follow the same methods as you connected your laptop with PS4. There is no connectivity difference between a laptop and a PC

Final Words:-
Here, I have completed all three possible ways to connect Playstation 4 to a laptop, and now you know how to use laptop as monitor for PS4. I recommend that you carefully complete each step written above to set up PS4 on your laptop.
Each of the methods mentioned above has its own pros. and cons. Just like remote playback is a right choice, but requires sound hardware, Playstation Now requires a subscription, so you need to pay a fee. In terms of quality output, HDMI and capture cards are not feasible.
However, if you ask about my personal preferences, our first choice is remote playback. Even if it requires excellent system specifications, it is worth it. It can provide excellent quality of
gaming experience on your laptop without any worries.

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