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How We Test the Laptops:

For better user experience, we test all laptops with our particular team, and we also conduct multi-nature surveys. We also summarized our survey reports smartly with our user experience to obtain more accurate and error-free results.
Most of the time, laptops purchased for the use of multiple years; however, laptops have rebounded in other ways. The demand for laptops and PC’s are also increasing every year, which shows the increase in demand. However, it is a big issue for buyers to buy a suitable laptop for their use because all brands claim they are best and all latest models are approximately the same. Therefore, we are here to guide you to get a suitable laptop for your work.
Mylaptopguru is a well-known laptop blog that reviews laptops in detail and is famous for suggesting quality, suitable laptops. Moreover, mylaptopguru is a prominent blog that provides valuable information about laptops, software, crypto, screens and computing accessories.
Our system testers do real-world tests and a rigorous synthetic regimen to see how the system operates different tasks and operations. Especially games and complex software are challenging for the tests. The different types of information are collected through multiple sources, and our editors and writers suggest a suitable laptop for various fields and work according to their experience and knowledge.
The following is a detailed overview of the evaluation and testing of laptops that are reviewed at mylaptopguru.

What We Test on Windows Operating Systems Laptops:

Do you know about the Geekbench ubiquitous title on the windows laptops benchmarking scene? Geekbench distills complex computing tasks numbers into simple results that give an immediate impression of performance on laptops.
We only use CPU Benchmark to examine how the processor handles activities such as ray tracing, PDF conversion, image compression, text to speech, and many more. Geekbench testing benchmark crunches these numbers into single and multicore results. We evaluate results regarding our requirements. We are currently using the latest version of Geekbench that was released just 2-3 months earlier.

PugetBench Photoshop Test for Windows Laptop:

Puget Systems is a test for basic image manipulation tasks. This test uses multiple filters and adjustments to a series of high-resolution photographs in Adobe Photoshop. After this, test scores are assigned according to the processing. We use the result score and the amount of time needed for a laptop to complete a single task for comparisons.

What We Check for in Windows Laptops for HD Videos?

Videos laptops are the most in-demand laptops that require HD display and huge storage. A heavy processor is also needed for the transfer of larger video files. It is necessary to know that the laptop processor will consume how much time transferring files from one folder to any other folder.
The 50 GB data of MS Word, MP3 Audio, 4k Video and JPEG will take different times for each format. Therefore the file copy test is essential that we must do.
The second test is the use of a handbrake. The handbrake converts videos formats, and mostly YouTubers use this software. Video conversion test is essential due to huge files and procession time. We load approx 4k video of size 6-7 GB for conversion into 1080p30 preset. This test takes 5-25 minutes, depending on the windows laptop.

Graphics Test for Windows Laptops?

Graphics plays a vital role in display. We use 3DMark, a graphics benchmarking software for better performance. The current version of 3DMark offers a broad array of tests for measuring graphics and video hardware performance. We also run time spy and fire strike tests for gaming performance for DirectX11 and Direct X12. We use the Night Raid test for particular laptops with integrated graphics cards.

Gaming Test for Windows Laptops:

Gaming laptops are the most in-demand laptops that require all heavy features in laptops. Serious and latest games are not older laptops. We also know our users will not play Red Dead Redemption 2 on any lower system, but sometimes users want to enjoy casual playing on laptops that are not recommended for games.
That’s why we provide at least a glimpse into how good a genuinely mainstream gaming experience may prove. We use famous and easy to run games on older laptops.
Our current choice is Sid Meier’s Civilization VI with the gathering storm expansion on our systems, and we expect at least a coveted 30fps threshold for our recommended laptops.

Heat Test for Windows Laptops:

When users put laptops in their laps during use, laptops heat up earlier than regular use, and it matters how hot laptops get during everyday use. Most of the time, we run 4k videos for half-hour then check the infrared thermometer to measure the generated heat on the touchpad, between G and H keys on the keyboard and at the centre of the laptop’s underside.

Battery Test for Windows Laptops:

Laptops are famous more than PCS because they are portable, so it is essential that how long a laptop lasts when it’s not plugged in. If you are out of home and office and your laptop battery ends, your work will stop. That’s why we also check the laptop battery for the following tests.
Setting the screen brightness to 150 nits.
Install and uninstall antivirus
All background programmes shut down properly.
Deactivating Battery Saver Mode
Deactivating Bluetooth and GPS services
Turning off all gaming-specific features such as keyboard lights
Adjust screen setting for all time on mode

What We Test for Professional Laptops?

Professional laptops are different nature wise because every professional has additional work requirements. Therefore, he needs laptop features according to his field and working requirements. Professional laptops are not for gaming but still need high-end processing and longer battery life. Therefore, we test these professional laptops for the following test in detail.
After Effects
Lightroom Classic
Premiere Pro
The particular PugetBench test is superb for helping and rating processor performance. Other tests are related to battery, heat, and display are almost the same.
Our Laptop Categories
We test and compare every suggested/selected laptop with the average score of their related categories. Those main categories are included:
Gaming Laptops
Blogging Laptops
Budget Laptops (under $100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 etc)
Mainstream laptops from range 1000$ to 3000$
Premier HD videos laptops
Entry Level Gaming Laptops
And Many other gaming laptops relating to laptop categories.

In the end, we also request our viewers to suggest to us more what you want to see in our blog related to laptops. What types of tests do you want to include in our research methodology. What kind of laptops do you want, especially for you. We, mylaptopguru, will do everything that we can do for you.

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