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Hello, everyone!
Are you the one who wants to start investing, but if you don’t want to rely on the current banking system, as the banking system is not considered safe sometimes in case of payments and trisections. So if you have no idea where and how to start an investment, you are in the right place. Here I will tell you about the latest development in currency and investment. And by reading this article, you will also be aware of what is safe Moon is and How to buy a safe Moon. Because I have been working in field related field for last ten years and I have a very vast experience regarding different currencies of the world. So guys, let’s talk about things in detail:

What is crypto?

Crypto is trending nowadays. It is a digital system of payments. It has no specific connection with banks, and this currency doesn’t rely on banks to verify their transactions. It is a system of costs that allows everyone to send and receive money anywhere in the world. When you send payments through cryptocurrency, all the transactions are saved in a public ledger and currency is stored in digital wallets.
The very first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was started in 2009, and till now, it is considered the best-known currency in the world. The interest in cryptocurrency is trading for the sake of profit.
In simple words, you can say that crypto is the currency that works as the US dollar, but the difference between crypto and the US dollar is that crypto is digital. It uses encryption techniques to verify the fund transfer.

Some Examples of Cryptocurrency:

Some of the well-known forms of cryptocurrency are:
This cryptocurrency was introduced in 2009. It is a prevalent example of cryptocurrency.
This form of crypto was developed in 2015. it is a plate form with its currency. It is known as Ether(ETH), Ethereum.
It was developed in 2012. It is also a prevalent form of cryptocurrency.

What is a Safe Moon?

Before I tell you How to Buy Safe Moon, you must know what a safe Moon is. So guys, .it is a token of the cryptocurrency. It was created in 2021. And now, after a brief period, it has more than 2.9 million holders of coins and 585.536 trillion coins circulating among people. The purpose of developing a safe Moon is to have secure gains. This token charges a 10% fee on transactions, with 5% reflected token holders and 5% saved to wallets.
The latest total market value of safe Moon is over $1billion. It is dominating the market nowadays and getting popular with every coming day. It is ranking in terms of market dominance is 214th.Today over 9000 currencies are available in the market. But not all digital currencies got popular, many of them failed, and some were scams.
But safe moon developers have long term planning and vision for success.

Prime functions of Safe Moon:

So before getting the answer to the question How to Buy Safe Moon, you should know its prime functions.
The primary purpose of introducing Safe Moon is to resist the ups and downs of the market by giving investors rewards for holding their coins.

It has three essential functions:

LP Acquisition
Manual Burn
Let’s have a look at these features:


Reflection is an attempt to solve the problem with the help of mining rewards. There are two ways of reflection:
The amount of reward is transferred to someone else on the condition of trade volume. This helps reduce the pressure caused by early adopters for selling their coins.
It helps to increase token holders for collecting higher payments.
The earning of early adopters was more than new adopters because the value of reward was decreased by the passage of time. So the purpose of the Safe Moon was to mitigate the problem of early adopters.

LP Acquisition:

LP is the abbreviation of liquidity provider, and LP acquisitions are investment management services. Its duty is the management of equities, fixed income, mixed assets for one or more investors.

Manual Burn:

A manual Burn system removes tokens permanently from cryptocurrency to maintain scarcity and value to the currency. Safe Moon utilizes manual burns.
So, guys, I hope now you can understand cryptocurrency and safe Moon. Now I will give you the tips about How to Buy Safe Moon.
Now, let’s check out How to Buy Safe Moon in detail:

Buying safe Moon:

Now you can buy a safe Moon from a safe moon wallet, but for this purpose, you also need to purchase Binance
coin, convert it to a smart chain, and then swap it to a safe Moon. There are several plate forms from where you will buy a safe Moon like you can buy it from Pancake Swap and Bit Mart.
Let’s see how both these plate forms work.

Pan Cake:

So when you think about how to buy Safe Moon, you should think about going to the Pan Cake Swap exchange. Its main feature allows you to trade directly from your crypto wallet. It means you have complete control over your crypto assets. And, of course, it means that you will be responsible for the security of your crypto and will not be able to get any benefits from the crypto exchange. But the good thing about it is that you can control your assets by yourself.
The confusing thing about this exchange is that it is an indirect way of buying, i.e. first you have to buy BNB, and then you will convert it into intelligent chain, and then you will be able to swap it for a safe Moon. It isn’t apparent.

Bit Mart:

Bit Mart is a world-famous exchange. With more than five million customers in 180 countries. It is a trustworthy plate form. This exchange works efficiently. This exchange commonly supports spot trading, but it also allows advanced trading options, which is easily excess able.
Steps of Safely Buying Safe Moon:
So guys, when you think about How to Buy Safe Moon, look at these steps. They will help you buy Safe Moon safely.

Step 1:

Down load Trust Wallet:
Firstly, download Trust wallet from the google play store or the app store on your smartphone. Then open it
and create a new wallet.
The best thing about a trust wallet is that it will allow you to recover. It’s a crucial phrase because if you lose approach to your wallet, you can only recover your crypto with the help of a trust wallet. But remember, it can be perilous when someone else gets your recovery phrase. Because if someone gained access to your crypto, he could steal it.

Step 2:

Purchase Binance Coin:
The next step is to purchase Binance Coin because you can’t buy Safe Moon directly, and it will only be purchased by using cryptocurrency.
You can purchase a Binance coin using a trust wallet on your smartphone. So what you will do for this purpose is:
Go to trust wallet, then tap “Smart Chain.” It will take you to the relevant page of Binance Coin.
Then tap on “Buy”.
Now enter the amount in US dollars which you want to buy.
Select Next.
Enter your given information, confirm your transaction, and verify your identity.

Step 3:

Select Pan Cake Swap Exchange:
Now choose DApps from the button menu in trust wallet. Now scroll down, you can see the pancake swap icon. Select it. Now you can go to pancake swap by clicking it.

Step 4:

Now trade Binance Coin for Safe Moon:
Now enter the amount of Binance Coin you want to buy a safe Moon. Then select “Max” if you wish to purchase maximum coins in your wallet. Then go to “Select Currency.” And then Enter Safe Moon in the search bar.

How to Buy Safe Moon FAQs:

So, as safe Moon is a new currency, it is not available in all forums, but when you get to know the process of purchasing it, it will not be difficult for you to buy Safe Moon.

Can you buy a safe Moon with Ethereum?

Safe Moon can only be purchased using some other cryptocurrency, so you can buy it using Ethereum. And for this purpose, you need a self-custody wallet.

Can you get Safe Moon from Coin Base App?

Safe Moon is not available at Coin base wallet. So you cannot buy it from coin base wallet.

Can Safe Moon reach the target of 1 cent?

Yes, by the end of 2022, it will reach the target of 1 cent.

Is It Safe to Buy Safe Moon?

You should know it is safe to invest in Safe Moon. So you must understand that a safe Moon is a very risky currency. The good thing is that it has a 10% fee for selling. So guys, don’t invest too much in it. The better option is to always consult a professional adviser before investing your money.

Final words:

So guys, if you are planning to start trading through safe Moon and don’t know How to buy Safe Moon, then this article might help you in this regard. But remember that if you are going to trade in safe Moon, you should consult a professional adviser before taking action. Because by purchasing a safe Moon, you are taking a risk. No doubt it’s a great gamble, it can give you great benefits, but it can also lead you towards unbearable losses. So be careful while trading safe Moon.

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